Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo Holiday Edit

By creating his own subdivision of high-end casual elegance, Alexander Kraft has single-handedly changed the sartorial landscape for men and women. And the good news for people who like to travel in comfort and style is that the label is unmatched in providing suitable holiday attire.

Determined to become a diplomat, Alexander Kraft studied law in four different cities and three countries – each time advancing with a distinction. It was evident early on that he had international curiosities and interests. A twist of fate whilst combining his studies with working at Sotheby’s in California, meant that his diplomatic destiny was replaced by a career in real estate. Establishing and managing an international network of 60 agencies in 30 countries on 3 continents, his suitcase barely went a day without being loaded with fine clothing; ironically a circumstance that was more frequent had he stayed in foreign affairs. Whilst constantly travelling the globe on business, he finds the time to make full use of his main base in Monte Carlo, and his secondary residences in Provence, Palm Beach, Paris and Berlin. Now an international tastemaker with his Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo line, he is superiorly placed to grasp and realize the elements that conjure elegant-yet-comfortable attire, so that one can travel and holiday unperturbed, whilst remaining infinitely stylish.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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