Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo: Summer Drop

Alexander Kraft continues his ethical revolution by launching a summer assortment under “Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo”, his sartorial line of supremely elegant, timeless clothing which now comes in a range of pieces made from exclusive Irish linen as well as three designs of slipper and a navy double-breasted blazer in New Zealand wool.
Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo: Summer Drop
Hot on the heels of the success of the launch of the inaugural “Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo” we’re proud to launch an extension to the collection, including linen tailoring, velvet slippers and one of the most internationally civilised and adaptable garments for any man’s wardrobe, is the navy double-breasted blazer. At the forefront of this welcome update to Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo is a navy Irish-linen signature single-breasted jacket, trousers and waistcoat. They’re all sold separately, but combine together perfectly to wear as a three-piece suit. With the mercury rising around Europe and the possibility of summer social events becoming more likely, this suit made from very luxurious Irish linen encompasses all the relevant hallmarks for warm-weather dressing. The single-breasted jacket features a contemporary half-lining for a lighter construction and more breathability. The jacket is extremely versatile and has the scope to be worn with a variety of accompaniments, ranging from the more formal to much more casual, depending on the setting you find yourself in.
Similar to the jacket, the trousers are in a quality bracket that normally would enhance the cost they currently find themselves at. It is a testament to Mr Kraft that he has been able to produce expertly tailored garments, using the finest fabrics and yet his pricing of the pieces are well-below similar garments of equal quality in the market. The navy linen signature trousers are no different and are a fine example of this unthinkable value to the customer. The trousers are made using old-fashioned techniques from Irish linen which is beautifully rich to the touch, and possesses a wonderful balance of drape, breathability and comfort and the flat-fronted design creates a clean and elegant look in the upper half of the trouser. The style also features side adjusters whilst the trousers are unlined for ease of movement. The matching waistcoat, which is sold separately is again made from exclusive Irish linen. It features a stunning shawl lapel and working buttons, making it an incredibly elegant waistcoat when paired, either with signature trousers or jacket, or for a more casual look the ivory linen trousers from the previous launch of Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo. The highly anticipated first designs of footwear in the collection are in the form of velvet slippers. They’re exclusively made by the world-renowned slipper purveyor Stubbs & Wootton (New York & Palm Beach). Totally unique, two of the designs are devoted to Mr Kraft’s beloved dog Bertie. Artistically embroidered with a portrait of Bertie in an understated dark blue, the velvet slippers are extremely smart. Exquisite and yet of a substantial proportion for a slipper, it means they can be worn inside and outside and perfectly complement the other pieces in “Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo.” The two remaining designs are both embroidered, with one being the official logo of “Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo”, and the other being a very suave design of owner and dog embroidered on separate shoes with a clever addition of an adjoining lead to each shoe if you stand with them together.
A true blazer is defined by its very dark blue colour, an absence of pattern, and pristine cut. The Alexander Kraft double-breasted New Zealand wool blazer conforms to the highest credentials of any classic navy blazer, a sumptuous blue, pristine cut, military bearing and an air of almost regal sophistication about it. Following the Savile Row tradition, the jacket has roped shoulders and is cut close to the chest with a timeless medium-width lapel; for a sophisticated and yet contemporary look. Furthermore, this elegant double-breasted blazer has been very much made in the Alexander Kraft style, which makes it very compatible with the other garments in his collection; especially with either his navy linen flat-fronted trousers or ivory linen trousers which would match perfectly with the embroidered slippers as footwear.


The Prince of Wales check has always had a place in the wardrobe of the well-dressed. The Duke of Windsor was regularly seen in the check. He spent a large part of his later life in exile in Paris and on the French Riviera with the smart set. With this in mind, also included in the latest Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo collection is a brown and white Prince-of-Wales check linen jacket and waistcoat. The check is slightly paler than usual and with its breathability of the quality of the linen both the jacket and the waistcoat couldn’t be more suited the Riviera environment.