De Petrillo's Winter Refinement

One of Naples’ foremost tailoring houses De Petrillo presents an impeccable winter collection with versatility and ease-of-wear at its core.
Photography by Rikesh Chauhan.

For decades now, Naples has proven a hotbed of tailoring talent, responsible for producing some of the industry’s most renowned artisans and home to countless labels of great esteem. One such label is De Petrillo, a family-run tailoring house imbued with the creative spirit and dynamism that the city of Naples is so well known for. It was established in 2009 by tailoring aficionado Benedetto De Petrillo, a man whose undying passion for the cloth is made evident with each meticulously considered collection he lovingly produces. His focus lies in handcrafting garments that are true to the traditional Neapolitan style - softly silhouetted, relaxed and unstructured, albeit with a somewhat contemporary interpretation, making use of English tweeds and worsteds and playing with various combinations of colours and checks to create ultimate sartorial harmony.

Despite the excellent quality of De Petrillo’s garments, Benedetto endeavours to always ensure an accessible price point, working with lesser-known mills to design cloths that would cost a great deal more if sourced from the more ‘prestigious’ mills. The result is affordable, impeccably constructed ready-to-wear clothing for the modern man. Each garment is designed to reflect its wearer and their personality, to become an intrinsic part of their wardrobe. Details are paid stringent attention to: the magic is in each of the rounded pockets, tortoiseshell buttons and delicate pleats.

    We are honoured to present a curated selection of De Petrillo’s finest pieces on The Rake. This season, the offering is classic and refined with a casual twist, perfect for transitioning you from season to season or taking you from boardroom to bar. Highlights include three versions of delightful soft-shouldered safari jackets rendered in the finest wools and unlined with notched labels for ultimate versatility and ease-of-wear. Or consider the luxurious San Severo coat, as magnificent as the East Italian city for which it is named, crafted in ultra-soft cashmere with a sleek and sophisticated double-breasted design. The wool trousers, cut in flattering silhouettes with classic detailing, are guaranteed to garner staple status in your wardrobe, while a series of single-breasted blazers featuring De Petrillo’s signaturespalla a camiciashoulder andbarchettabreast pocket illustrate the label’s exceptional quality of construction and reinforce its respect of timeless Neapolitan tailoring values

    The appeal of De Petrillo lies in the subtlety of its garments: they’re not loud or garish or even particularly striking. Instead, they let the wearer take charge and do the talking, moulding to the shape of one’s body and allowing personality to shine through. As the label proudly claims: "We create something exceptional, you are the one to make it unique." For that reason, the clothes transcend trends and seasons, making for wonderful investment pieces that will endure for decades to come. This winter, do as the Neapolitans do and fill your wardrobe with De Petrillo.


      Aobh O'Brien-Moody


      January 2020


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