How to don the countryside look in the city

There’s no reason why you can’t sport country attire with great aplomb in the city. Here we offer some light guidance on how to pull it off.

Photo by Jamie Ferguson

We’re so used to receiving guidance on how to dress for excursions to the countryside. The pitfalls of getting it wrong are endless and is to some a dramatic transition. On the flip side it seems that people are left to fend for themselves when incorporating country attire in the urban environment. All said, the crossover isn’t as drastic as one might think.

Walking in parks is one of the few joys that is currently possible for metropolitans all over the world. So we thought it apt to explore the ways in which you can master the country aesthetic in the city. Now, we’re not talking about the archetypal country-mouse look in town of: Hunter wellington boots, pleated tweed breeks and heavy field jackets and neither are we echoing skinny jeans, clumpy lumberjack boots and non-prescription glasses, which seem to be common in both Shoreditch and Somerset. Take the highly-functional country clothing bravado down a few notches and get creative with some forward-thinking country-meets-city outfits.


Freddie Anderson


January 2021


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