Into The Blue: How Alexander Kraft Solved The Age-Old Jeans Conundrum

And, delectable denim is just the start, when it comes to new additions to his Monte Carlo menswear line.

“I wish,” Yves Saint Laurent told the world in the mid-80s, “I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity: all I hope for in my clothes.” His words will resonate with Rake readers - jeans have clearly come a long way from being hardcore work-wear built to weather the toils of the Gold Rush.

Given their role today as a wardrobe staple, you’d think there would no longer be any gaps in the menswear market: and yet, for the latest additions to his Monte Carlo collection, noted sartorial visionary Alexander Kraft has found a way to redefine the concept of trousers fashioned from a fabric whose distant relative was used, according to legend, for the sails of Columbus’s ships. The results elevate jeans to a higher sartorial realm.


    March 2021


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