Johnstons of Elgin's iconic Chesterfield Topcoat

Heralded by the stylish elite, Johnstons of Elgin give the Chesterfield topcoat fresh twists.

Next year, Johnstons of Elgin – a symbol of British manufacturing excellence, celebrate the extraordinary milepost of 225 years in business. Despite this longevity as a substantial contributor to global luxury, they remain an understated family-run company. The ancient town of Elgin, formerly in the Royal Burgh in Moray, Scotland, is here they call home, and produce some of the finest and most sustainable knitwear in the world. Responsible for a considerable amount of cashmere sold in upscale shopping districts, distinguished high-fashion houses have long relied upon their special fibre. Johnstons of Elgin’s CEO Simon Cotton explains: “We are using cashmere from about 1.2 million goats, and those goats are spread right over China, Outer Mongolia, and a little bit in Afghanistan. The cashmere they produce goes through about 30 different processes to transform it into the finished product. It is not shaved but combed, creating a handle of unbelievable softness and world-renowned quality.



Freddie Anderson


November 2021


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