OMEGA: MY CHOICE - Ethan Newton

For Ethan Newton of Tokyo-based menswear boutique Bryceland’s, an affinity for Omega goes way back. He reveals why the luxury watchmaker will always be his first choice.

Ethan Newton is one of the most respected voices in menswear today, having carved a reputation for himself as a veritable style icon and trailblazer. Whilst he got his start working for a string of prestigious fashion labels and retailers - including Ralph Lauren and The Armoury - he is now renowned for his role in founding and heading up the niche menswear boutique Bryceland's in Tokyo. His predilection for timeless style, vintage aesthetics and quality craftsmanship is something he shares with luxury Swiss watchmakers Omega, so this collaboration seemed only natural...


What’s your earliest memory of Omega?

My earliest memory of Omega was the watch that my grandmother gave me, which was my grandfather's. It is still in pieces and seemingly unsalvageable. It set me off on a journey that started with a Speedmaster Mark II and inspired me to dive deep into the different aesthetic eras of Omega's watches. I found myself an "Elvis Presley" Constellation in gold, which was an idealised version of the Seamaster that my grandfather had worn. I became fascinated with the Speedmaster series, and the variants within that, and had a Moonwatch, a Mark III, a Flightmaster and a handful of other watches from the late '60s and early '70s. Every piece was a beautiful example of the aesthetics of the day, and as watches, the movements were robust and reliable.

What’s special to you about your watch and where were you in the world when you received it?

My current version of a Speedmaster is from the late '60s or early '70s that I convinced my business partner to buy. I had given my Speedy to my older brother and figured if I could convince Kenji to buy one I could steal it. And that I did. Sorry, Kenji!


Ryan Thompson


May 2019


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