Stenströms: Just the Right Amount

Swedish shirtmakers Stenströms strike the ultimate balance between elegance and understatement, with lovingly crafted shirts for every occasion.

Swedes have always had a proud sense of understated style. Those wondering why might be curious to learn that ‘understatement’ is in fact within their cultural DNA; under the word ‘lagom’ which itself translates to ‘just the right amount’.

Not too much, but just enough. This principle, worn for over a hundred years by legendary Swedish shirt makerStenströms,has earned its appeal with those seeking something refined and mature, but also with a touch of tasteful flair - a product which is entirely Swedish in nature, and very ‘lagom’. This year they celebrate their 120thbirthday, with a lineage that can be traced back to one man.

Founded in 1899 by August Strenström, the brand is still family-owned to this day. As August himself built up a reputation for producing the highest-quality shirt in the land, many of the most elegant men from throughout Scandinavia insisted on owning aStenströmsshirt for themselves, to be seen wearing them at upper-class functions. It soon became a point of pride.

Part of their appeal was due to the meticulous craftsmanship of each shirt. Sweden itself is notorious for its attention to detail and appreciation for craft; for doing things properly without cutting corners to ensure they are long-lasting. To this end, owners of aStenströmsshirt can be quite assured they are wearing something that has been given the upmost attention. EachStenströmsshirt undergoes more than 60 separate production stages, with 25 on the collar alone. Even today, many of the most intricate elements are still carried out by hand.


    September 2019


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