A Rakish Guide to Travelling in Style

Whether you’re off for a weekend or a month, you’d be wise to take on board these rakish tips for travelling in style.
Frank Sinatra departing a helicopter with a glass of whisky in hand, 1964.

Over the past 20 years working at Sotheby's I’ve accumulated anywhere between two to three million air miles and slept approximately 1,000 nights in hotels. Whether you envy or pity me, here is what I’ve learnt on travelling in style.


1) Invest in the Right Luggage

Travelling lightly, but intelligently, requires only two pieces of luggage: A sturdy carry-on suitcase (in airline-approved cabin dimensions) and a pliable, soft bag. For ease, you can balance the soft bag on the roller whilst on the go, and then when on-board the plane you can store the roller in the overhead cabin and the soft bag under the seat in front of you. With only two pieces of luggage, make them count. If you invest in quality, the bags will accompany you for decades in style. The safest bet for a durable and stylish roller suitcase and/or soft bag remains a classic Louis Vuitton - its waxed cotton surface is practically indestructible and only gets better with use. I personally prefer leather roll-ons and bags in different shades of brown, which become more beautiful with age. Hermès, Tod's and Ralph Lauren, or smaller brands such as Frank Clegg make nice examples that perfectly combine practicality with style. Buying vintage luggage in consignment shops, at auction or on eBay is an intelligent and exciting way to acquire interesting high-end pieces at affordable prices.


July 2017


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