When it comes to dressing for fine weather, The Rake’s Asia Pacific correspondent Christian Barker likes to sing the blues…
Shot by Joshua Lawrence.

As The Rake’s operative in the tropics, residing in sultry Singapore for well over a decade now, I’ve learnt a thing or two about aestival dressing. Summer never ends here on the equator, but despite the ceaseless heat, you still want to maintain sartorial decorum. That’s no less the case when jetting off for a weekend in Phuket, Bangkok, Bali or Hong Kong, as one often does. I find a restricted palette of blues, whites and pale neutrals makes for a savvy travel capsule wardrobe and is also psychologically cooling, bringing to mind the summer sky and sea. Catering to work, play and the essential day-end dip, here are some of my choices from our sale selection that will serve you well whether you’re spending the season in Southeast Asia or Southampton, Santorini or Saint Lucia.


                  June 2019


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