The Rake Tailored Garments: Midnight Blue Italian Mohair Double-Breasted Tuxedo

Thriving in depressions, rocked by the twin towers and halted by a virus, black tie has had its ups and downs. Steeped in tradition with a fine line between maverick elegance and ill-educated combinations, The Rake Tailored Garments goes back to the golden age of the tuxedo with a special emphasis on style and comfort.

Periods of major economic upheaval can seemingly yield indifferent chapters over the same passage of time. It was rather remarkable that arguably the most defining evolution of evening wear came during The Great Depression. The uncertainty of the era resulted in widespread popularity of fantastical, escapist fare. In 1935 a New York Herald Tribune society writer calculated that a “well-attired” New York gentleman’s evening kit could be worth as much as $4,975 once his jewellery and fur coat were accounted for, the equivalent of a staggering $90,000 today. It was also a poignant filmic decade when some of the greatest acting talents on the silver screen such as Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Fred Astaire brought tantalising glamour to menswear.


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2020


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