Tintoria Mattei's Daring Designs

For over half a century, Milanese shirtmaker Tintoria Mattei has been crafting ultra-luxurious shirts that are characterised by relaxed silhouettes, audacious prints and striking hues.

There is a certain comfort in taking style cues from decades past - in reinterpreting classic styles that have continued to prevail after countless trend cycles. It’s that sweet nostalgia, the wistful emulation of another time and place. These sentiments are the very reason we shop for pre-loved vintage garments or reach for pieces imbued with history.Take Tintoria Mattei- the Milanese shirtmaking label produces retro-inspired shirts that immediately call to mind a simpler time, evoking a relaxed, summer-ready ease.

The brand was founded in 1954 and takes its name from the original building where the shirts' fabrics were treated and coloured with natural dye. Since its establishment, it has become renowned locally and - more recently - internationally, as a go-to for high quality shirts, crafted from the finest materials: ultra soft Japanese flannel worked on 19th century looms; delicately woven fil coupé and intricate jacquard, all dyed with natural plant pigments. The brand's signature shallow-dish two-hole bone buttons are tinted with tea, reinforcing the vintage feel of the shirts.

    Tintoria Mattei’s shirts aren’t designed for shrinking violets. With their vibrant colours and statement-making patterns - paisleys, florals, graphics and stripes to name a few - they are at onceemboldening, bringing an ample dose of drama to one’s outfit and ensuring a unique look that certainly won’t go unnoticed. Fill up your baskets: The Rake is predicting this to be a prevailing trend headed into the new season, so it's well worth getting ahead of it.

    Take heed: on entering the spring months, it’s time to shrug off our dreary uniforms of black, grey and navy and embrace the multifarious colours and patterns that come with the long days and balmy nights. Whether jetting off on a tropical beach holiday or staying put in the city, these are the perfect garments to reach for to achieve that effortless summer aesthetic. Their conspicuousness means they are best balanced with understated garments - think relaxed selvedge denim jeans and classic sneakers or tailored shorts and loafers, teamed with an elegant blazer come evening. Don’t forget to accessorise appropriately with sunglasses, a rakish fedora and - the ultimate finishing touch - your summer tipple of choice.


      Aobh O'Brien-Moody


      March 2020


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