All Star Spangle

All Star Spangle

A Californian, Malibu native, photographer Robert Spangle lead a straightforward life up until 2007, when he opted to join the Marine Corps following the events of September 11th. Robert enlisted in the infantry, and "a certain amount of luck gave me a chance to become a Recon Marine," Robert says, "then further, completely un-warranted luck landed me in Force Reconnaissance, where I served until leaving in 2011. Service took me to Afghanistan, South America and North Africa."

Robert then left the military and enrolled in art school. With his budding interest in fashion, Robert left to apprentice as a tailor at Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row. "London slowly turned a hobby of photography into an obsession I yielded to," confirms Robert, "and after some of my work was published by Vogue (more or less accidentally), I decided to commit fully to photography."

He now call Los Angeles home, but spends most of the year travelling and photographing stylish men he encounters, while covering fashion weeks. Robert's definition of a Rakish man follows as;

"A man with infinite appetite (for style, adventure and cuisine) as well as impeccable table manners."

'Fur lined M-65 field jacket by MZ Archives, I spent a few days in LA hunting for the perfect vietnam era m-65 field jacket with one of my favorite subjects, Marco Zimbaldo. We really hit it off over our shared admiration for militaria, so months later he returned the favor showing me around Verona and giving me this one of a kind piece'
'Double breasted jacket- 6 ply cashmere unlined double breast from Berluti, incredibly warm and comfortable so I always travel with it during the winter'
' Berluti Brunico boots, I always pack at least one pair of boots, for inclement weather and of course riding, these can go with a suit as well so all the better'
'Wallet: Frank Clegg.  Sketch Book: Bespoke sketchbook from Atelier Giannini & Kuwata.  Horsehair bracelet: from the family horse, a little reminder of home anywhere I go, and the subtle smells brings back memories of shrinking horsehair canvas on The Row.  Sunglasses: Celine  Rings: (right to left) bespoke St. Joan de Arc ring by Fine Light Trading. Patron saint of soldiers and lost causes. Nearly got killed when I refused to give it up getting mugged in Istanbul. Left Field Skull ring.  Enamel/brass Cintini Marco jaguar head ring.   Kaweco fountain pen: I have four of these, normally 3 of them are lost at any given time.  MKII Sea Fighter watch: a survivor from my final tour in Afghanistan, and my go to anytime I'm doing something fast and or stupid.   Cold Steel Hatamoto knife. This was a parting present from my childhood friends when I departed for the Marine Corps, it doesn't see use for anything more exciting now than a cigar but I wont leave home without it. I once left it jammed in a door on the Rue St. Honoree and miraculously had it returned two days later.'
'I made the suit for myself during my time studying bespoke tailoring at Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row. The fabric is Vitale Barberis Cononico. I wanted something a little more aggressive so its a peak lapel with a heavily raked breast pocket, with the double pleated pants having a higher rise than normal hitting well above the waist'
'Overcoat by Berluti, unless I'm headed to south America I always pack one overcoat, its the best thing to keep the elements out, great for cleaning up a casual look, and the romantic gesture of a warm jacket on a cold day is still appreciate across language barriers'
I take a lot of comfort in carrying a camera, home, after hours, and with friends I always have my analog Leica. Every 6 months or so I go through the bags of film and find out what the hell Ive been up to.
Made for me by Luca Avitable. I love British tailoring but the softer Italian approach to shirts suits casual clothes and travel much better
Buscemi 100m
Photography by François-Xavier Watine