Announcing a New Partnership: Watchfinder x Revolution

Watchfinder and Revolution announce an extremely exciting new partnership together.
Announcing a New Partnership: Watchfinder x Revolution
We believe that a beautifully made mechanical watch is meant to last a lifetime and beyond. As such what we identify as the period of first ownership for any timepiece might only represent the very nascent stage of its life span. Accordingly we want to ensure that every pre-owned watch is treated with the correct dignity and accorded the correct narrative and emotional empowerment to connect with its new buyer and find its new home. But the problem with the pre-owned watch market is that it is often unregulated. On sites that amalgamate listings from second hand dealers or private sellers, and even the most popular auction and e-commerce sites there is little protection for the buyer. Which means if the watch you’ve purchased is not as described, damaged or even counterfeit there is very little recourse. Mission Statement That is why we have decided to partner with Watchfinder & Co. - the premier resource from which to buy, sell and part-exchange pre-owned luxury watches since 2002. With quality and dependability at the heart of their business; Watchfinder provide unprecedented trust and transparency in the pre-owned market. Our new partnership with Watchfinder guarantees our buyers the very best protection on the market including a 14 day returns policy and a full 12-month Watchfinder warranty, alongside any pre-existing manufacturer’s warranty. And every single watch which you can see here is meticulously inspected, authenticated and prepared by Watchfinder’s team of expert watchmakers in Europe’s largest independent service centre – a service centre accredited by 19 of the world’s leading watch manufacturers.


Every single watch is meticulously inspected, authenticated and prepared by Watchfinder's team of expert watchmakers.


More than this the Watchfinder x Revolution’s new partnership is to create the most enriching, educational and entertaining watch story telling around. I get it. The watch world can sometimes be daunting because of how vast it is. But we love to tell you stories to help you narrow your focus. Looking for something to wear with a suit? We will curate narratives around the watches we consider the world’s most elegant. From shaped masterpieces such as Cartier’s Tank Américaine and Cintrée to the unique swivel case of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso that makes it perfect for personalization.


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, a watch that started out as a sports watch worn during polo matches, is one of the most popular dress watches available.


And in each instance we will identify and offer the exact models that we think are the most collectable and the best value. Looking for an Omega Speedmaster? Whether it is your first Speedy — in which case we would recommend a Moonwatch Professional or a future cult collectable in which case would suggest a Speedmaster “Tintin or a Blue Snoopy” — or just under the radar but rapidly rising models — like the brown dial Speedmaster produced between 2007 and 2013 that perfectly emulates the look of vintage tropical dial watches but with modern reliability — we’ve got the insider advice. Looking for the one diving watch chronograph with a ceramic case that you can actually activate underwater? We happen to know that the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Chronograph was designed to do just that. And on top of it, it has three barrels, a silicon escapement and hairspring that can’t get magnetized and possesses a flyback function. If this the kind of information you’re looking for, we’ve spent 15 years accumulating our knowledge and we like nothing better than sharing it with you. To the extent that if you want to Zoom call one of our experts to discuss a particular timepiece we’re always happy to accommodate.



Revolution was the first to realize the potential rise in value that the Speedmaster Tintin currently enjoys.


Want to trade in your watch or watches towards something in our inventory? We are happy to set up a Watchfinder valuation for you so you know what you could trade it in for with us. Looking to sell your watches to free up some space on your shelves? We’re happy to check out what you have and, with Watchfinder’s expertise, assign a value to it. The Watchfinder x Revolution collaboration was initiated to educate, uplift, entertain while curating the best selection of our favourite timepieces that we happen to know are the right choices and the coolest watches. Some might be well known and others more obscure but once you read our stories and watch our videos you’ll understand what makes each and every one great. Then you’ll have the option to purchase these pre-owned watch at a great prices reflecting their market value and most importantly with the absolute guarantee of their perfect function and authenticity. Please see here for the full Watchfinder assortment.