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CraftOctober 2016

Project Furious Eagle Pt III: The Collection

At long last, permit The Rake to usher in a new era for the pocket handkerchief, care of Project Furious Eagle, our exclusive collaboration with Mo Coppoletta and Turnbull & Asser.

  • fashion directorMarie Lee
  • wordsAleks Cvetkovic
  • photographyPiers Cunliffe & Sidney Teo

Of course, we couldn’t just let things be with a collection of pocket hankies. Also hand-screen printed for us in Macclesfield was our Sartorial Survival Mega Square. Measuring 140cms by 140cms, (as Gomilsek-Cole puts it “go big or go home”) this supremely elegant lightweight cashmere-silk shawl is designed to be worn and tied in as many different ways as possible for maximum versatility and panache. The square’s design makes a playful nod to this too, covered as it is by dozens of Coppoletta’s illustrations, all of which are designed to reflect the mega square’s manifold uses – whether that be bull-fighting, picnicking or bandaging a wound – doubtless obtained from an unfortunate altercation with a cad. Again, the inspiration behind this design was to bring something from the past back to life in a modern quirky context, as Gomilsek-Cole explains; “we looked at wartime archive advertisements, old bank notes and propaganda posters for inspiration, but what Mo has come up with is just unique and we are proud to be associated with him and The Rake on this.”

Also with handrolled edges and a gloriously nostalgic colour scheme, the Mega Square is again available in a strictly limited quantity and is a further testimony to the quality of craftsmanship and design that Gomilsek-Cole and Coppoletta are capable of together. It’s also an undeniably fun thing to wear, borne of an unconventional but nonetheless intriguing meeting of minds. In the words of Gomilsek-Cole, “A tattoo artist and a Jermyn Street shirtmaker are not the first things that come to mind when you think of a collaboration, but that is the strength of this project. We always prefer to work on unexpected projects, and The Rake doesn’t think inside the box.” Boxes no, squares yes – mega squares to be precise. We hope that readers will be as keen to experience these designs as we were to bring them to life, they’re the result of a project that has been both great fun and something of an adventure for team-Rake.



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Aleks Cvetkovic

Aleks is a London-based men's style writer, Deputy Editor of The Jackal magazine and former staffer at The Rake. He is passionate about good tailoring, Tunnock's Teacakes and misplaced irony.

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