The Rake's Takes: Pep Williams

Pep Williams is an artist who has always been immersed in what is culturally relevant. Perhaps some of it, as he acknowledges, is a matter of ‘right place, right time’, but his eye as a photographer, and as a creator able to see between the lines of subcultures and important moments, is a trait that one does not happen on by chance.
Co-workers on a farm, photographed by Pep Williams.

Williams himself started as a professional skateboarder for the famous Dogtown group (who popularised the sport in his native Los Angeles). Gaining some notoriety, he would surround himself with photographers that fed into his curiosity for the artform. He had yet to take his first published image when he declared to a designer searching for a photographer that “I’m also a photographer!” and so the path was laid to a career that would see him focus on fine art portraiture—especially of the less-visible sides to society that he had access to. Decades later, Williams’ work is sought after by those who want to keep his provocative images in their homes and offices. His ‘The Perfect Storm’ would go on to fetch $1.4 million, and the emotive and personal series ‘Behind Bars’ is currently on permanent display in Los Angeles.


February 2023


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