If you’re on the search for exceptional trouser styles, made in Italy and that won’t break the bank, you need to be singing from Cruna’s hymn sheet.

Naturally elegant. InstinctivelyItalian. Cosmopolitanspirit. Those are the three terms that Italian trouser maker Cruna defines itself by and on first look we have to agree with the self-assessment. A brand new brand to, we got our hands on these trousers last week and were immensely impressed by the craftsmanship, structure and styles available. Founded by Alessandro Fasolo and Tommaso Pinotti in 2012, this young Vicenza-based brand has developed a loyal following in a very short time and in a highly competitive section of the menswear market, due in no small part to the excellent quality and contemporary construction of its trouser styles. 'Cruna', in Italian means 'eye of the needle', representing the simple tool from which all the construction begins. Cut with a slightly slimmer fit then traditional tailored trousers affords the Cruna silhouette a younger and more modern look. The addition of elastane in many of the styles also makes them supremely comfortable to wear, especially when travelling, while the Made In Italy moniker gives you the reassurance that no corners were cut during the manufacturing process.

Whether you're on the lookout for a classic pair of flannel trousers for work or some rustic corduroy slacks to pair with hiking boots, Cruna's styles offer amazing value for money (where else can you find a beautiful pair of wool flannel trousers for sub £200?). We think you'll love this autumn/winter collection by this fledgling Italian brand punching above its weight.


    Ryan Thompson


    October 2019


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