Davidoff makes gifting easy

The family-run Swiss company Davidoff is the perfect gifting destination for elegant and discerning friends and family this Christmas.

After divorce, moving home, and remembering where you parked the car, the perennial act of gift-giving (more commonly referred to by the euphemism 'Christmas') must surely be one of the most stressful tasks a man can undertake. Predicting the wants and predilections of loved ones and friends is hard enough without the carpet-bombing of confusing seasonal messaging. Then there's the oft-trusted but rarely successful fall-back option of projecting what you yourself would like this Christmas onto your cherished recipients. Gifting for the women in your life is a veritable minefield we won't tiptoe through right now, but when it comes to gifting for your cabal of important chaps, one brand springs to mind that will tick all of the requisite boxes, and that brand is Davidoff.

The family-run Swiss company that was founded in 1980 is a quite brilliant producer of those everyday accessories that men cannot do without. Think the wallet, pen, keyring, watch, glasses, cufflinks, bracelet, cardholder and so on. Inspired by the worldly lifestyle of Zino Davidoff, a man of indisputable natural elegance and possessor of an unwavering appreciation for fine quality, style, authenticity and good living, this season's accessories are timeless examples of fine craftsmanship for everyday use, perfect for elegant gentlemen who prefer classicism over flashiness.


    Ryan Thompson


    November 2019


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