Foolproof Father's Day Gifts

The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin imparts his wisdom on the formulas that should be followed when considering gifts for Father’s Day.

For all the right reasons, Father’s Day is lower-key than Mother’s Day. All fathers understand why, and if you don’t, do catch up. It is terrific to have a day in the diary, other than one’s birthday, where those closest to you are obliged to be nice to you. I’d recommend that father’s do not milk it, but at the same time, be proud of your status as a dad, reflect on the preciousness of children as well as the hardship of raising them, if you wish to receive love, give it away: and if you are in a position to receive, then why not have a wish list handy? For this, The Rake is as always there to help.


    June 2020


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