The Interview: Haris Nukem

He came to the UK as a young asylum seeker, now Bosnian-born Haris Nukem is shaking up the art world with his mythic images. We caught up with him ahead of his new exhibition “Faith” which runs at the Maddox Gallery from 6th-27th September

How did you get into the medium of photography and can you describe how your creative journey evolved to get to the style you shoot now?
I got into photography through a small fashion company that I was running with a friend of mine and we needed to take photographs of pieces. It was in those moments that we started taking pictures of people in the clothes that really sparked my interest and I instantly fell in love with the process. Regarding my style, beyond the first images I took, I really fell in love with this idea of creating something that didn’t exist. I think people haven’t necessarily explored as much as they could in the medium of photography, so I felt that there was room to experiment. I think we are seeing in the generation of Instagram that new styles are being born every day and this is a medium that has been around for so long.

How has your heritage and upbringing influenced your style of work?
I was certainly a curious kid. I have always been creative, always drawing, always experimenting with different mediums. As I got older though, photography resonated with me unlike anything else.


Ryan Thompson


August 2019


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