Permanently Stylish: Simon Crompton

When you are the man behind one of the world’s most influential style websites, there is pressure on you to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Simon Crompton takes it in his fully bespoked stride...
Permanently Stylish: Simon Crompton

I cannot claim to be a market expert, but I am pretty sure that when the market, any market, becomes saturated, individual success becomes harder and harder to achieve as supply meets demand. This is never so true as with blogging. Try to start a food blog these days and see if anyone cares. Or one on motherhood, or politics; try any of these and you’re on a hiding to nothing. That is, unless you are Simon Crompton. Simon’s blog, Permanent Style, has surpassed the basic idea of a web-log and is now a destination for men around the world who feel underwhelmed with the creative produce of the sartorial arts. I should tread carefully and declare that The Rake and have always coexisted with great friendship and respect, and we share the frustrations of our readers who are looking for more from menswear.

Simon’s style shows an understanding of, and true love for, bespoke and craft, and his wardrobe reflects who he is as a man. He ably represents the brands he works with, and strives to trumpet their genius to all those who want to listen. Which, as it turns out, is quite the congregation. We decided to take a closer look...

A proud four-inch lapel on his bespoke Richard James sports coat in Joshua Ellis cashmere. He accessorises it with a Simonnot Godard pocket-handkerchief and denim shirt by Luca Avitabile as part of a collaboration between Avitabile and Permanent Style.
E.B. Meyrowitz is the star on the eyewear Christmas tree. This pair of Starsky model frames with polarised lenses are kept in this monogrammed crocodile case from Alfred Dunhill.
These are one of the finest pairs of shoes I have ever seen: a seamless construction pair of bespoke loafers by Gaziano & Girling made from chestnut hatch-grain calf leather. Perfectly contrasted with his grey William Abraham cotton cashmere socks and striking Elia Caliendo cream trousers made with Holland & Sherry Pardessus heavyweight wool. Everything about this is elegant and inspires envy.
The smallest details mean the most, and Simon likes to wear four buttons on his sports coats instead of the traditional three. This is, however, not the case if he is wearing a Neapolitan jacket, where he sticks to the traditional one-button cuff. The jacket is also a three-roll-two-button assembly, and the patch pockets gives the tweed a truly sporty feel.
Every thinking man needs the perfect pen. For Simon, that is a pencil from Graf von Faber-Castell. It has a concealed sharpener in the lid and eraser at the base.
This is an immaculate vintage Alfred Dunhill hand-sewn box made from bridle leather and brass. Brands are having an issue selling new leather produce, and a vintage piece like this shows why.
In the world of quiet luxury, this unbranded crocodile-leather visiting card case with a silver collar from Bentleys Antiques is a fantastic find.
Vintage wrist game from Simon. The watch is a Cartier Chronoflex with a Jean Rousseau watch strap patinated by Gaziano & Girling. The brass bracelet is designed by Simon but was made by the independent bespoke jewellery designer Diana Maynard.
Originally published in Issue 51, April 2017. Subscribe here for more.