The Rake Dispatch: Mauritius

For those of us who have stared longingly at the travel brochures, Mauritius inspires us to dream of turquoise seas, lush forests, and stretches of white sandy beaches.
The Maradiva Resort, Mauritius.

These are images of another, more blissful part of the world; removed from the realities of daily life, and where the sun is always shining. As we’re now in the midst of winter, the prospect of sunning ourselves on those tropical islands is even more alluring, and Mauritius is a perfect warm-weather escape to spend with your family over the coming months.

But there’s more to this island than meets the eye. It is everything you would want from a relaxing holiday destination, but the local culture—a melting pot of Asian and African influences—and wide range of outdoor activities means that there is enough to keep you busy even when you’re not lounging by the swimming pool. Here is The Rake’s digestible guide to Mauritius: where to stay, what to do and where to discover excellent local cuisine.


December 2022


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