Renaissance Masters: Luca & Mariano Rubinacci

Father Mariano and Son Luca Rubinacci are a father and son pairing like no other; the heads of a Neapolitan tailoring dynasty.

Luca and Mariano Rubinacci. Between them these two men have spread the infectious gospel of Neapolitan tailored style across the globe, transforming their eponymous bespoke tailoring house into a truly international luxury menswear brand in the process. The secret of their success might be too complex to distill in a mere few hundred words, but the authentic sense of self-expression imbued in their clothes provides at least some indication of that which is so compelling about Rubinacci's style. The two have worked very closely together to achieve this success, building their joint-vision into the family business. Luca says 'every day I learn something new from my father - he is a great friend to me as well as a mentor - I love to argue with him and have fun with him - I'm lucky to have a father like that'. Mariano reciprocates: 'My father taught me to be yourself all the time - Luca understands this, I love his interpretation of style and how he matches his accessories'. You know what they say - like father, like son.


August 2015


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