Sartorial Ambassador: Jonathan Alexander Edwards

What better way to round off our month of stories surrounding power dressing than explore the formal style of a rakish individual? Permit us to introduce you to Jonathan Alexander Edwards,…

Jonathan Alexander Edwards, Founder of, is something of an enigma - pioneering self-made businessman by day, bespoke authority and all-round sophisticate by night. Thoroughly warm-hearted and generous to a tee, he loves nothing better than connecting like-minded individuals and grabbing any opportunity which life throws his way. He is also a gentleman who thoroughly enjoys his clothes, and who understands the power of clothes to make a deeply impactful impression when required; whether that be an ensemble that hits just the right note at a formal function, a huge fur-trimmed overcoat that means business, or else a strong shouldered three-piece suit to master board meetings.

What’s more, he is a great sartorial explorer, travelling the world in search of unusual cuts and cloths; exploring the parameters of both structured English tailoring and the wealth of different Italian aesthetics at the same time. Ever an optimist, the sense of ‘dolce vita’ that Italian tailors capture in their work has a particular appeal: “To me the Italians capture a certain spirit in their work, rather than conforming to a collection of formal rules. There’s more of a focus in Italy on capturing something imperceptible in your personality - I find that Italian craftsmen tend to ‘enjoy’ their work and have an easier approach to style”. Shot in London’s Italian Embassy, (this is the first ever photo-shoot undertaken in these hallowed halls by the way) we could think of no better place than to showcase three of Jonathan's most empowered looks. The Rake would like to extend our sincere and humble thanks to His Excellency the Italian Ambassador, for so generously accommodating this shoot.


May 2016


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