Urbane Outfitter: Chris Modoo

Christopher Modoo, the senior creative at Savile Row tailor Chester Barrie, guides The Rake through his favourite looks and cherished personal possessions.
Urbane Outfitter: Chris Modoo

When not dining at the finest establishments in London — including his favourite haunt, 45 Jermyn Street — Christopher Modoo, the senior creative at remarkable ready-to-wear Savile Row tailor Chester Barrie, spends his time creating some of the most inspired English tailoring known to man. Having built up the house’s reputation as a superior contemporary outfitters, known for its glamorous designs, clever concepts and erudite taste in fabrics, he is a passionate advocate of high-end ready-to-wear suiting for the modern man. “Good ready-to-wear allows you to try different looks and have something curated for you,” he says. “Bespoke can be either quite safe or you can end up looking like a customised car-kit, saying ‘yes’ to every option.” No danger of that at Chester Barrie. Fortunately, Modoo’s designs are as immaculate as his tastes.

Chris’s Casentino coat is a Chester Barrie creation, naturally: “Although it’s a typical Florentine cloth, I styled it as a British greatcoat. The Italians are good at taking English cloths and cutting them in their local manner, so I’ve returned the compliment.”
“I am reliably informed that a gentleman does not wear lined gloves,” says Modoo, hence these are cut in unlined lambskin.
Chris’s semi-bespoke Peter brogues from G.J. Cleverley are firm favourites. According to Modoo, “they fit superbly in the waist and have the perfect toe-shape”.
Modoo’s collar pin is a gold-plated clip-on creation unique to Chester Barrie. “I’ve worn a pin-collar since the 1980s,” he explains. “I like the way it lifts a tie knot. The fullness of the look complements the chest of a Chester Barrie suit.”
This vintage Eterna wristwatch was a gift bestowed upon Chris’s grandfather to mark 25 years of loyal service at Enfield Rolling Mills. Passed down through the family, it was given to Modoo by his father as  a 40th birthday present.
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