Stefano Canali, president and Chief Executive of the eponymous Italian luxury house, has a reassuring message for our strange and restive times…

If you work hard enough, you can overcome anything. This is what Stefano Canali, the third-generation president and C.E.O. of the eponymous Italian luxury house, wants to remind readers as we wean ourselves off an excess of bathrobes, naps, and two o’clock Gimlets.

Stefano is at a crossroads. Unlike the eras of his predecessors, a contemporary man’s style is no longer defined by a single sartorial position, but rather a broad church of garments and fashions for any given moment. Stefano also understands that for the past to survive — especially after such an uncertain six months — he must look to the future. Why be forced to pick between tradition and innovation? Between smart and casual? As long as one is motivated and passionate (and since 1934, Canali have been both) you can adapt without sacrifice. “If you have good ideas,” he tells The Rake, “if you have the will to overcome difficulties and effective projects to pursue, you can only be successful.”

Stefano is now offering three segments in the brand’s permanent collection, all made for the same man but suited to his ever-changing wants and needs. He and his team are also preparing the Anthology project, which Stefano hopes will articulate Canali’s journey. “Even though we have been around for many decades,” he notes, “we still seem like a well-kept secret, a diamond in the rough!”

As becomes clear early on in our chat, Stefano is a gentleman who enjoys a challenge. The winds of change may be blowing, but whatever beautiful garments arrive from Camp Canali over the next few months can be ascribed to Stefano’s deep desire to do right by his family business, and by its customers.


    October 2020


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