Fortela: Architects of Vintage Workwear

Devoted to Italian heritage, Fortela, founded by Alessandro Squarzi covers the geographical spectrum of inspiration, whilst using unique fabrics (often vintage) of which Mr Squarzi is a well-known collector.

Alessandro Squarzi’s eyes percolate the same enthusiasm for life behind the tinted lenses of his sunglasses (he’s collaborated with Jacques Marie Mage) as his beaming smile in front of the camera. Wherever he goes, he has this rare ability to galvanise a horde of others, who are in awe of his “filoclassical” approach to style; of course, fashion has the power to transform the sustenance of your character, but the unique concoction of cultural styles that Squarzi imbues into his looks has had a defining influence on others – and so Squarzi followers were in rapture when he launched his latest brand called Fortela.

The Milan-based fashion entrepreneur epitomises the Italian idea of ‘sprezzatura’ – the practice of careless sophistication – an idiosyncratic exploit of dress that eludes one when forced. Fixed in the canon of Italian heritage, Fortela clothing fuses military-inspired shapes, Western flourishes and Japanese innovation, which are all intertwined with his passion for vintage fabrics. What you get when Squarzi incorporates all of these different cultural aspects along with unique fabrics, are pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.


    Freddie Anderson


    December 2020


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