Rolling Without The Homiés

Rake Towers own fashion contrarian focuses on the power of minimalism and why less is more…

Society hastily buried the ‘designer logo on everything you own’ trend along with cargo pants, shag bands, curtain cuts and faux checks. Sorry, more like hid quickly under the sofa cushion hoping no one noticed. Everyone saw. We just don’t talk about it.

Fast-forward to today, only the humble pikey express their love for luxury through over sized interlocking c’s. Everyone gets it; you have a bit of cash. Or do you? The majority of this fast-fashion is mostly fake and mass-produced in a thriving province of China, only to be sold on a market stall somewhere in the forgotten British suburbs.

Either way, the thirst for logos, has radically changed from 15 years ago to what true luxury is today. Apart from your odd idiot in Dolce ‘blue plaque on my arse’ jeans and/ or ‘check my H for Hermes’ belt, men are aiming for well-crafted, subtle investments. Quality has well and truly Donald Trumped the garish symbols of wealth.


Jo Grzeszczuk


May 2016


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