Purdey donate one pair of their Limited Edition Sunglasses range to Covid-19 Solidarity Auction

Purdey kindly donate one pair of their innovative Limited Edition Sunglasses range for Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction.
Purdey donate one pair of their Limited Edition Sunglasses range to Covid-19 Solidarity Auction


Purdey One of the following models of Limited Edition Sunglasses. James Purdey & Sons Ltd, Gun & Rifle Makers is a sterling British heritage brand, founded in 1814, they hold three Royal Warrants from The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince of Wales. For over 200 years they have been crafting some of the world’s most treasured shotguns and rifles. Interpolated with their devotion to the art of gunsmithing is their dedication to crafting a wide variety of country sport equipment and accessories. It is the necessities that can make all the difference to the enjoyment of country pursuits. Weekender Perhaps the most versatile design in the collection is the aptly named Weekender style. Handmade in Italy, the shape is a twist on the classic wayfarer model. The marked differences which are emblematic of Purdey’s adroit innovation are that the end pieces and temples are finished with ruthenium fittings, complete with gun chequering. Whether it be strolling through the urban metropolis, ambling along the Promenade des Anglais or out on the sporting field in rural Herefordshire, this is an accomplished pair, suited for all environments.



Keeper Handmade in Japan with tortoiseshell acetate frames and Polarised Zeiss lenses the Keeper is an elegant design. But it still retains many of the brand’s country touches with the sunglasses finished with small nods to gun design and has chequered end pieces with side lock shaped ends on the bridge. Its Ripel coating keeps fog, dirt, grime and water off the lens so vision remains clear and the lens stays cleaner for longer. Crouched amongst the heather on the edge of the Cairngorms, waiting for that beautiful stag to appear in windy conditions, these lenses are equipped with the type of technology that won’t scupper your chances of the stag bypassing your eyeline.



Traveller The Traveller is also handmade in Japan and is a quintessential aviator with an effortless titanium frame and a discreet walnut brow taken from stock blanks. The chequering detail and engraved pin keeps these iconic to Purdey.



Sporter In Purdey’s Sporter sunglasses there’s a classic safari elegance imbued in the pair. Designed for shooting, these sunglasses harken back to similar styles that the famous Happy Valley set used to wear. They were a group of white, western expatriates and a capricious band of protagonists who engaged in a lifestyle of weapons-grade hedonism in Kenya. Often dressed in extremely chic sporting clothing living a suave colonial existence, this pair would’ve been ideal for the set on their gregarious safari pursuits. In view of this the technology combined with style is designed for competitive shot, that will raise the bar in terms of performance. The three sets of interchangeable lenses allow you to adapt to varying weather conditions, and two types of temple tips can also be alternated depending on style or function.

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