Dressing For A Sartorial Summer Getaway

Packing and travelling can add an element of stress on both yourself and your wardrobe, but not so, with these rakish tips on how to travel in style.
Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief, 1955.

Even the most confident dressers can be challenged in having to select clothes for a short trip abroad to warmer climes. Packing and travelling can add an element of stress on both yourself and your wardrobe.

You will probably have a few ‘holiday’ shirts tucked away, short-sleeved numbers with fancy prints that come out every year and always get remarked upon. Make sure they are freshly-laundered and well pressed. That nice lady at the local charity shop will appreciate your efforts. The shirts you need are long-sleeved with proper collars.

Extreme cutaway collars sit as elegantly open-necked as they do with a tie and are a good choice for a weekend break, as are simple button-cuffs - you can always roll the sleeves up if preferable. You will need cloths that are versatile; cotton pique is my personal favourite for travel as it resists excessive creasing but giro ingleseis also useful. Literally translated as “English Twist” and commonly known as Leno, this open weave fabric is the shirting equivalent of the travel suiting fresco. It was originally developed in the 19th century by the Lancashire cotton mills to satisfy the demand for a shirting to wear in the heat and humidity of the colonies. It is supremely comfortable, breathable and can be worn casually or even as an ersatz evening shirt.


July 2017


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