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    Pocket Guide: William Gilchrist

    Acclaimed stylist William Gilchrist lets The Rake into a few of his sartorial secrets…

    captionWilliam Gilchrist wears cotton twill double-breasted jacket, Richard Anderson; cotton twill trousers, Oliver Spencer paired with a white shirt and a Stetson fedora.

    William Gilchrist moves in a very unique and nonchalant manner, with slow, graceful strides that exude confidence. He is the man behind the Rolling Stones’ aesthetic of the last 15 years, and personal stylist to Jude Law. Wonderfully rakish and with a carefree, bohemian and intellectual candour, he’s someone you’d want to hit the town with, exemplified by the contents of his hip flask: tequila. When asked if the flask has an interesting provenance, he says, “No, it’s just always good to be prepared…”

    Often seen around Mayfair on his Brompton bike, which underlines his penchant for functional products, William is never in a rush. He prefers louche, unstructured tailoring to dress his slender frame, and he bespeaks Richard Anderson “for all the grown-up stuff”, including the double-breasted jacket featured here, which is cut from a slightly stretched cotton twill. “It’s kind of like my runaround jeans, I wanted my version of the tracksuit, I guess.” The trousers, in the same cloth, are by his great friend Oliver Spencer. He also doesn’t like dry cleaners — “nothing worse”, he says — so as a result he chucks everything in the washing machine, tailoring and cashmere included.

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