Invest: Private White V.C. Cotton Twill Jeep Coat

Private White V.C. has reproduced the military-originated Jeep coat, crafting an incredibly warm and luxurious version that can withstand any climate.

Once again, we owe our thanks to the military for designing and popularising a garment that is now considered a modern wardrobe staple. Along with the trench coat and the bomber jacket, the Jeep coat was originally designed with functionality and practicality in mind and for that reason, it’s stood the test of time. For US officers during World War II who drove convertible Jeeps with open sides, the heavy-duty overcoat provided protection from the elements while allowing for easy movement. And while many modern brands have successfully crafted their own reproductions, it is Private White V.C.’s in particular that has caught our attention.

Creative Director Nick Ashley toldThe Rake,“Iwanted to produce clothes of the highest quality whilst using the best possible fibres.” As such, the coat ismade in Manchester from finely brushed cotton twill that makes use of the brand’s innovative ECOSEAM treatment, ensuring a waterproof finish. That, paired with a cotton lining, wool padding and a double-breasted closure makes for an incredibly warm, virtually weatherproof option for battling the colder months. Most of all, despite its utilitarian heritage, the coat still exudes an undeniable sense of luxury. A belted waistgives definition to the silhouette and the elegant addition of a shearling collar provides a pleasing contrast in texture and colour. The end result is a sophisticated yet highly practical overcoat which maintains an appealing vintage aesthetic.

As we find ourselves in the depths of winter, it is only too easy to stick to the failsafe hues of black and grey. With a warm, autumnal brown palette, however, Private White V.C. has provided an excellent alternative. The double-breasted closure of the Jeep coat is refined and enables it to fit well over tailoring or be worn open with a more casual ensemble. Whether it provides comfort on your commute or warmth at the weekend, this British-crafted, versatile coat could effortlessly find a place in your wardrobe this winter.



January 2018


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